July 12, 2022

In life what we do affects everyone around us and as boaters nothing impacts others more than our wake. Anytime an engine powered boat is traveling it is creating a wake which can put other boaters in danger and can erode the shore affecting the natural environment and personal property. A “no-wake zone” is an area where vessels are expected to travel at slow (idle) speeds to minimize the wake. The beginning and end of a no wake zone is marked by a white and orange floating marker, or a row of markers. Sometimes the zone will be marked by large signs on shore. The speed limit in the zone is enforced as soon at a boat moves past the marker, so a captain needs to be off plane and at no wake speed before reaching the marker. Boat owners are personally responsible for any damage to life or property resulting from a wake or swell created by the negligent operation of the vessel.

This means, if you (or someone you allowed to drive your boat) fly by too close to a dock, and someone falls off that dock and hurts themselves from the resulting wave; you are responsible for any repairs needed to the dock AND any injury you may have caused to the person who fell off. Take ownership of your wake as an extension of your boat. Always maintain safe speeds and follow nowake laws. Violating a no wake zone can earn you a ticket, and a long boat inspection by law enforcement, not to mention the wrath of those on shore receiving your wake. To learn more about your local waterway, speed limits and other marine laws, download the free Maryland Department of Natural Resources app called AccessDNR from the iPhone App Store or Google Play. Our Captains are always willing to help out on the water, so if you see one of our red boats, give them a wave. As always, happy to help.