Avoiding the Winter Blues: Check on your Boat!

December 10, 2022

Winter weather can be rough on boats so please take extra precautions when keeping your vessel in the water for the season. Accumulation of snow and ice on a moored or docked vessel increases the potential for sinking, property damage, and fuel pollution to occur. Piled up ice and snow on deck can clog deck drains and add weight that can push the waterline over the scuppers and thru-hulls.

Another cold weather danger to boats stored in the water is cracked and failed thru-hull fittings and bursting hoses and strainers. If water remains in a hose, strainer, or thru-hull, it will freeze when the temperature drops. You never know when that intake hose is going to freeze solid and pop.

To ensure the safety of your boat during the winter months, be sure to perform regular vessel checks and remove any snow and ice build-up. Never rely on electric heaters to prevent freezing because electricity may not be available during and after storms when you can not access your boat.

Be sure to winterize promptly, close all the seacocks and plug exhaust ports before the freezing temperatures set in. The next thaw will quickly show who winterized correctly and who has been ignoring their boat. For more expert advice on winter storage and hundreds of other topics, visit www.boatus.com/expert-advice.  As always, happy to help!