Why Choose TowBoatUS?

Baltimore Marine Recovery is proud to be a part of TowBoatUS, the largest fleet of professionally equipped towing companies in the country. TowBoatUS members can take advantage of more than 25 member benefits and a nationwide towing network -wherever you boat, you are covered. Members have unlimited 24/7 access to emergency towing, ungrounding assistance, fuel delivery and battery jump starts. Baltimore Marine Recovery recommends the following BoatUS tow service options.


$175.00 Annually
Includes your BoatUS Membership
New Members $125- Call 410-255-8700 for discount

TowBoatUS Unlimited Towing provides 100% payment for an emergency "at sea" tow to your home dock or repair facility, and 50% payment for a dock-to-dock which is a tow from your home dock or mooring to the repair facility of your choice. Soft ungrounding, fuel delivery and jump start services also are included. Our goal is to make a bad boating day just a little easier for everyone onboard.

*Unlimited freshwater towing is just $109/annually


$215.00 Annually
Includes your BoatUS Membership
New Members $165- Call 410-255-8700 for discount

In addition to all of the benefits included in Unlimited Towing, Unlimited Gold increases dock-to-dock towing coverage to 100% payment for a tow from your home dock or mooring to a repair facility. Those who own larger boats that cannot be trailered or those who keep their boats in the water with no access to service really benefit from this extra coverage.



Non-members in need of a tow are typically charged based on an hourly fee from the time the Baltimore Marine Recovery (BMR) captain departs home port until the BMR captain returns to home port.

Rates may vary depending on season, time of day and current weather and sea conditions. A typical sunny day, 2 hour round trip will cost more than $600. If you find yourself bumped onto a sandbar, non-members are charged an additional $20.00 per foot of the vessels length to be pulled free. BMR accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

If you are lucky enough to be an Unlimited or Unlimited Gold TowBoatUS member, you simply sign the service invoice and all charges, except for the per gallon charge for fuel delivered, are paid by BoatUS.

TowBoatUS Members Talk Towing

"The arrival of the TowBoat was much faster than anticipated and the captain was very helpful. Even boarding my boat to check engine before proceeding with the tow. Thanks again for TowBoatUS -- it has been a rough season with motor issues and towing - thank goodness for Unlimited Gold!!"

Mary Coulter - Pasadena, MD

"TowBoat captain was courteous, friendly, prompt, efficient, skilled in tie up and info. Stayed until we had anchor up after the jump just to be sure we were ok [...]"

Fred Lint - Annapolis, MD

"As Capt. Ron said "If it's going to happen, it's going to happen out there". Thank goodness for TowBoatUS and BoatUS"

Steve Fogarty - Annapolis, MD

"I was surprised by the fast response from TowBoatUS which was only 20 minutes. Our tow Captain was Tary Jenkins and I can't praise his professionalism, and knowledge enough! Thank you very much Captain Jenkins!"

Kim DeLashmutt-Elliott - Pasadena, MD

"Outstanding response and handling of the situation. They arrived quickly, dealt with the complications, and delivered us to our slip in a highly professional manner. Mike, the tow operator, was superb!"

John Moore - Pasadena, MD

"BoatUS services are a life saver. The tower was able to cut the line that had gotten wrapped around our propeller. He did an excellent job. Arrived as planned. Excellent service. Our day was saved"

Dorine - Pasadena, MD

"We were SO impressed with the men as we were so aground from the high winds blowing the water out of the cove. They worked hard, acted in a very safe manner at all times, gave good directions, came quickly and very efficient. So happy we bought insurance. Great job!"

Don Engler - Pasadena, MD

"The TowBoat operator was very nice & did a great job towing us and getting us into our small. confined slip. It was greatly appreciated!"

Cindy Hooper - Annapolis, MD

"The person who came to our aid was very helpful and made [an] unpleasant breakdown turn to a day that was less stressful [...]. [I'm] very happy with the service he provided and his friendly nature. So glad we had boat towing coverage with BoatUS."

James Kemper - Pasadena, MD

"Quick response, very professional captain, great service!"

Timothy Dugan - Annapolis, MD

"This was the simplest and easiest incident I ever had to handle with any insurance company. The folks at the towing company were professional, courteous and informative. They made every effort to keep me informed as to progress, condition and timing the tow. They handled the arrival at my slip with the marina without issue or incident. Highly professional and focused on service."

Paul Brown - Pasadena, MD

"Very professional. Prompt courteous service. "

Dennis Discher - Pasadena, MD

"I have been boating for more than 50 years and I hold a Coast Guard Captains License. This is the first time that I can remember that I needed a tow. I was very impressed with the response time, as well as the manner in which the captain handled the situation. I have been a member for many years and never needed the service until now, well worth the investment. Will be a member for years to come. "

George Schmitt - Pasadena, MD

"Service was fast and professional. First time user. Very satisfied"

Bob Pozgar - Baltimore, MD

"Outstanding intervention, responsiveness, communication and service"

Harlan K Zinn - Owings Mills, MD
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