Choosing The Right Boat

March 07, 2022

Over the past couple of years many have taken up boating or returned to the hobby they once enjoyed, and boat sales are booming.  If you are in the market for your first, or tenth, boat what type of watercraft is right for you?

     First consider the size of your budget and what type of on-the-water-activity you enjoy. There are over one hundred boat manufacturers in the US and the models vary widely from sailboats to ski boats, from inflatables to cabin cruisers, from sports fishing boats to pontoons, and so many more. The choices and decisions can be overwhelming. Factors to be weighed include how many people you will usually have onboard and their age ranges, whether you want to trailer the vessel and the type of activities you will want to do.

     It’s also important to be honest about your level of boating experience. If this is your first boat start modestly. Learn from the smaller boat and then upsize if you choose. Consider your physical limitations. What will it take to raise the anchor, safely maneuver stairs, ladders, small spaces, etc.? You should also assess your mechanical abilities. Larger boats equal larger repair bills so any work you can do on the vessel helps save you money. 

     Of course, with any adventurous activity safety should be your number one concern. A towing membership with TowBoatUS is essential for boaters to deal with any emergency that may happen while you are enjoying the beautiful Chesapeake. Call for membership details and visit for more information about preparing for boat ownership. Whether it’s your first boat or not, as always, happy to help.