February 24, 2023

Protecting marine resources for all of us to enjoy doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Follow these simple steps, so you can save money and the planet!

Keep your engine well-tuned, maintained, and inspected. Minimize any maintenance in the water and use products that are safe for the environment.

Always dispose of trash and hazardous waste properly. Use pump-out stations responsibly and never discharge treated or untreated sewage in no-discharge zones.

Prevent fuel spills by filling fuel tanks slowly and using absorbent pads or rags to catch any drips. Do not top off or overflow your fuel tank and always leave it ten percent empty to allow fuel to expand as it warms.

Use an oil change pump to transfer oil to a spill-proof container and take it to a recycling facility. When you remove the oil filter, wrap a plastic bag or absorbent pad around it to prevent oil from spilling.

Take special care when deploying your anchor. Pay attention to what is on the bottom and do your best to minimize any damage to our fragile Chesapeake Bay eco-system.

Patronize businesses and marinas who have established clean practices. You may need to do your homework to find them but most states have websites that make it easy to identify those that qualify.